Gift Guide for the Hygge Lover

Hello hello and happy Friday! I’m back today with my 5th and final Holiday gift guide. For today’s theme, we’re focusing on gift ideas for the Hygge lover aka the cozy homebody in your life. I think it’s safe to say that I’m the biggest homebody there is, so this gift guide is right up my alley! Not gonna lie, I definitely had myself in mind when curating the items for this guide! I’m a huge fan of the Hygge lifestyle trend that is sweeping the world by storm. If you’ve never heard of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah), it focuses on warm lighting (think candles and fairy lights), loads of soft layers (like throw blankets and pillows), and small ways to get cozy (like warm bevies and hot baths), all with the minimalist Nordic style that Denmark and its Scandinavian neighbors have made so popular in the home decor world.

We all have someone in our lives who is a total homebody; someone who loves all things cozy and who prefers curling up on the couch in comfy loungewear with a nice cup of tea (or hot chocolate) rather than going out. After all, who doesn’t love making comfort a priority, spending time with their loved ones, embracing time indoors, welcoming friends and family into their home, and taking plenty of time to treat themselves to little luxuries during the long and cold winter months? I think that sounds pretty perfect to me! So with that in mind, get ready to check the Hygge lover box off your shopping list (or wish list!). Cozy homes, here we come!



1) UGG Anika Herringbone Fleece Robe: Who doesn’t love a warm, cozy robe? This shawl-collar robe is pricey, but it’s the softest robe I’ve ever owned. Made from plush fleece and herringbone flannel twill, it’s super soft and cozy! It would make a great gift for anyone in your life, but I think my mom would particularly love this one! Available in 2 colors. $169


2) Champagne Luxe Velvet Throw: Cuddle up and get cozy with this luxurious velvet throw. This luxe throw blanket is the softest thing ever and exactly what you need for a night of binge watching Netflix on the couch! $145


3) Slipsilk Eye Mask: Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our wellbeing both physically and mentally, especially over the hectic Holiday season, so this silk eye mask is a great choice for someone who deserves sweet dreams! It’s very comfortable and blocks out the light to ensure a good night sleep. The 100% silk is gentle on the skin and so comfortable that you’ll barely know it’s there. Available in 8 colors. $61


4) Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy: This takes relaxation and self-care to the next level! Constructed of natural bamboo and chrome-plated stainless steel, this deluxe caddy features a built-in wine glass holder, a book prop for reading material, and a self-draining soap dish. Perfection! $38


5) Woodlot Cinder Candle: This is my favorite candle brand which is thoughtfully made in Vancouver BC. I’m definitely going to be burning one at our home throughout the Holiday season. Every time I burn this candle, it reminds me of a crackling fire and a cozy cabin! Smells of vetiver, cedar, orange and cinnamon, and made of clean-burning coconut wax and GMO free soy wax. It’s naturally scented with essential oils, has double wicks made from cotton and burns up to 60 hours. Any candle lover will love this one! $39


6) UGG Scuffette II Slippers: My favorite slippers and they’ll be your giftee’s favorite too! I wear mine around the house on a daily basis. They are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My feet are always cold and these cozy slippers keep my toes nice and toasty even on the coldest nights. Very high quality! Comes in 3 colors. $115


7) Herbivore Botanicals Coco Set: One of my little pleasures is taking a nice long bath. Just 45-minutes to myself to relax, unwind and not think about anything. Adding a creamy bubble bath, some sea salts, or a fun bath bomb can really step up your bath game. This limited-edition pair of skin care products will make your loved one (or yourself) feel like you’ve been whisked away on a tropical vacation! The set contains Coconut Milk Bath Soak, a luxurious and indulgent bath soak with skin-softening organic coconut milk as its base that is perfect for hydrating and softening skin, as well as Coconut Body Oil, a light and beautiful formula made with coconut oil and Co2 extract to deeply hydrate the skin. $57


8) Merino Wool Chunky Blanket: It really doesn’t get any better than this chunky blanket. Hand-knitted using superfine Australian Merino wool yarn (which is one of the softest fibers on earth), it’s the coziest and warmest thing ever. You’ll never want to leave its embrace! Comes in 2 colors. $315


9) The Honey Mud from May Lindstrom: I’m obsessed with this mask/cleanser. As soon as I started using it I fell in love! It smells amazing and makes my skin feel silky smooth. Made from an exquisitely distinctive union of raw Honey, White Halloysite Clay and aromatic pure plant oils that come together to bring you a truly intoxicating and highly addictive cleansing ritual. Every woman needs this skin care mask in her life. $120


10) The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme: This beautifully photographed book is a one-stop-shop with all the recipes and projects you’ll need for some cozy inspiration this Holiday season (and all year long!). You’ll love the easy-to-follow instructions and enjoy getting lost in Adrianna’s warm and comforting photographs. Organized by the months of the year and by categories as “Live,” “Do”, and “Make”, this book offers ideas for activities, recipes, and DIY projects that make the little moments in life just as exciting as the big ones. From quick recipes to easy crafts, the author focuses on simple, inexpensive undertakings that have a big reward: happiness. This book will surely inspire you to march into your kitchen and craft closet to make something you can truly be proud of! $26


11) Friday Romper from Smash + Tess: Last but not least, I highly recommend this comfy long-sleeved romper. It’s the perfect accessory for a cozy night in! Available in 3 colors. $119






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