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Last week, we hit up this little café bistro called Love Love Food. We heard great things about them from our neighbors who recently hired them to cater their daughter’s wedding brunch, and since we were out running errands and looking for a place to grab lunch, we decided to head over and give them a try.

From Monday to Friday, Love Love Food serves up different lunch specials; soups, sandwiches, salads and yummy desserts. We went last Wednesday, and the special on that day was Turkey Chili served with Cheesy Cornbread. Initially, we weren’t sure what to get for lunch, but as soon as we walked into the café and got a whiff of that chili, we were all over that!


turkey chili


iced coffee


It was a hot day, and I was in the mood for an iced coffee of some sorts. I wasn’t sure which one to go for, so I asked the girl at the counter for a recommendation and she persuaded me to try the Vietnamese iced coffee (which she confessed was her personal favorite). For those of you who don’t know, a Vietnamese iced coffee is a delightful mix of espresso and milk served over ice.

I was quite pleased with her suggestion as the coffee was delicious and chock full of flavor. If you haven’t tried one yet, I really recommend that you stop by Love Love Food to pick one up. It’s super refreshing and has the perfect java kick to perk up your day. I can’t wait to go back and try their Matcha Green Tea Love Shake!

It’s the perfect little place to stop in for lunch and take home some yummy baked goods. Cooking classes are also available, and you can even order custom cakes, cupcakes and desserts for special occasions. What I like about them is that everything served is freshly made in their kitchen. They also offer a variety of take home meals (many are customized to meet dietary restrictions such as: low sodium, paleo, diabetics, gluten free, etc.).

If you’re in the Cornwall area, or just out and about town looking for a place to grab lunch, make sure to stop by Love Love Food!




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