Steepy Hollow

If I had to pick a favorite month of the year it would have to be October. Besides it being my birthday month, there are many wonderful things to love about it: changing leaves, cozy blanket scarfs, apple picking, pumpkin spice and chai lattes, and who could forget Halloween! Yummy treats, Jack-o’-lanterns, spooky wagon rides, haunted houses, and scary movies. It’s by far my favorite time of the year!

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Becoming an adult doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop celebrating the holiday. There are different ways to enjoy Halloween; I like to spend the day watching my favorite scary movies while snacking on yummy treats and sipping Halloween-inspired teas.

Every year DavidsTea comes out with a fall collection and this year they really outdid themselves. From the packaging, to the color scheme, and the beautiful artwork, it’s dreadfully perfect! As soon as I saw the new colour-changing nordic mug, I just had to have it! It’s a beautifully illustrated heat-sensitive mug that features a creepy black forest design; when you pour in hot water spooky eyes appear! It also comes with a finely perforated infuser, and the lid doubles as a coaster. It’s the perfect mug to sip your favorite seasonal teas in!


halloween mug




spooky eyes


Along with the mug, I also picked up the Book of Spells. This frightful little box holds all the essentials for your Halloween potions and spells. DavidsTea spookified six of their favorite dessert teas in order to create a petrifying tea party. Go fire up your witches cauldron and get ready for Banana Nut Dead (Banana Nut Bread), Forever Guts (Forever Nuts), Chocolate Maca-Doom (Chocolate Macaroon), The Spice is Fright (The Spice is Right), Pumpkin Die (Pumpkin Chai), and Strawberry Boo-Barb Parfait (Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait). I’m really loving the clever, horrid names they’ve conjured up for this collection. It makes everything all the more festive!

These teas are the perfect little bevvies to sip on while watching Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, and The Craft, three of my favorite movies to watch during Halloween season. In case you don’t know any spells, DT has also included a spooky story on the inside cover of the tea set. Abracadabra! Don’t forget to add the eye of newt!

Now without further ado, let’s jump right in and talk about these hair-raising teas.


book of spells


tea collection




Organic Stormy Night

This one is an oldie but a goodie. DavidsTea brought this devilishly earthy black tea back from the dead for a limited time. It’s an exciting blend of chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, and vanilla. It was really hard not to eat the chocolate chunks out of this tea… they are frigging delicious! It’s smells nice and spicy and reminds me of a Mexican hot chocolate. It’s the perfect cup to have on a chilly fall evening.

The tea is nice on its own but it also makes a good latte. Adding frothed milk brings out the sweetness of the tea and enhances the flavors. I also like adding dark chocolate shavings on top… it is Halloween after all!


stormy graveyard


davids tea


stormy web


Can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? I love that they packed this fragrant tea in a tombstone-shaped box. It’s perfect for Halloween!


spooky graveyard


Pumpkin Die

One of the best things about fall and Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie, and this spiced black tea is just as scrumptious. There’s a reason why it’s perfect for fall; it’s got the spiciness of a chai, the nice warmth of cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom, and the added sweetness of caramel and little pumpkin candy bits.

Since it is psl season, I like to make this tea into a latte. I froth a little bit of almond milk, stir in a little bit of raw coconut palm sugar, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, and it’s the perfect treat!

Now this is a black tea, so you want to be careful not to over steep it as it can become quite strong. I usually stick with the 4–6 minute range and it turns out perfectly every time. I highly recommend this one for pumpkin and chai enthusiasts!


pumpkin chai


Banana Nut Dead

Right out of the tin, Banana Nut Dead tea smells like something I want to dive into. It smells just like a delicious loaf of freshly baked banana bread. This was my first time trying a banana tea, and it is quickly becoming a favorite. I suspect that this has something to do with my sweet tooth and my love of bananas!

It’s a nice fruit infusion that is loaded with dates, currants, almonds, and real banana slices. The dates and currants add so much depth and character to the sweetness of this tea. It makes a great dessert substitute for someone with a sweet tooth. It’s a great way to indulge without all the calories.


banana nut


Chocolate Maca-Doom

Macaroons are amazing and this tea tastes exactly like the dessert.

This black tea is a sinful blend of toasted coconut, cacao nibs, pecans, and rock sugar. I love that you can taste both the chocolate flavor and the hints of coconut. They did a great job adding rock sugar in this tea, as it definitely pumps up the chocolate taste. I like having this one with a splash of almond milk, or made into a latte. Did I mention I love chais and lattes?




Forever Guts

This fruit infusion is literally nuts. When I opened the tin, I couldn’t stop smelling it. It reminds me of Marzipan, oatmeal cookies and roasted sweet apples. Within seconds this fragrant fruit fusion turns to beautiful shade of pink because it contains a hint of beetroot. That’s what gives this rich almond tea its earthy depth and its all-natural signature color.

It’s beautiful, addictive, and tastes like candied almonds! The taste lingers on your tongue long after you’ve swallowed. Being caffeine free, it’s a nice little tea to enjoy in the evening when you’re craving a little sweetness. I would definitely purchase this one again.


forever nuts


Strawberry Boo-Barb Parfait

This is a beautiful fruit infusion that steeps a gorgeous deep red color. It slightly creamy and tastes like fresh picked strawberries with the tartness of rhubarb. It reminded me of strawberry flavored Greek yogurt. I could see this being an amazing iced tea in the summertime, and I hear it makes a great base for a sweet, zippy sangria. I’ll definitely have to try that next summer!


boo parfait


forever guts


The Spice is Fright

Hello cinnamon!!! When I first smelled this tea, I was worried it would be too strong, but the more I drank it, the more it grew on me. Cinnamon is said to have warming properties, and a single sip of this spice-laden green tea is a surefire way to get that warm and cozy fireside feeling going.

This tea has a strong cinnamon and clove scent, but you can still detect hints of green tea and orange peel. I don’t normally like my teas very strong, but this is one is an exception. The longer you steep it, the better it gets as the spices become more prominent. In a nutshell, it’s like drinking cinnamon hearts; it warms up the throat as it goes down. It’s a fairly intense tea and the taste of cinnamon hearts lingers in my mouth for hours.


spice fright


If you’re looking for some bone-chilling teas to haunt your Halloween, sip on one of these ghoulish gems… if you dare!

I rather enjoyed this festive fall collection from DavidsTea and highly recommend it. If you’re interested in trying out these teas, some of them are still available for purchase. Stop by a DavidsTea store near you or do some trick or treating via their website!





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