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Last Friday, we attended the first annual Oktoberfest festivities at Mill Street Brew Pub. The Mill is one of our favorite places and we love their beers, so when we heard that they were planning an Oktoberfest party, we rushed to get our tickets!

Our admission included 3 beer tokens, live music and entertainment, traditional Bavarian fare, and a collectible Mill Street Oktoberfest stein. For the event, the staff dressed in traditional Oktoberfest attire, and upon our arrival they handed us our collectible steins as well as Oktoberfest hats to commemorate the occasion.


festive hat








As you probably know by now I’m a total foodie, so for me one of the highlights of the evening was the Bavarian inspired menu. The chefs did a fantastic job creating the fare for the event, everything was amazing! Our choices consisted of:

  • Beer-n-Cheddar Soup (sourdough bread bowl)
  • Currywurst (fresh cut fries, bratwurst and curry ketchup)
  • Bratwurst Platter (grilled bratwurst & salami, caramelized onions, sauerkraut, roasted potatoes and a pretzel)
  • Gypsy Schnitzel (breaded chicken, rainbow slaw, roasted potatoes with a spicy gypsy sauce)

After drooling over the menu we finally made our choices! I ordered the Gypsy Schnitzel and Alex got the Currywurst. Oh my gosh guys… both dishes were incredible!!

The Currywurst. Crispy homemade fries, sweet and savory ketchup, bratwurst and a little sea salt sprinkle and chives to tie everything together. It was similar to a poutine but in a curry-ketchup sauce (minus the curds). I would never think of putting these ingredients together but it was very pleasing to the taste buds!

The Gypsy Schnitzel. This dish though… Just looking at it again makes me hungry! The breading on the chicken was phenomenal and the tomato sauce packed a mean punch! It was sweet, spicy and had a fiery kick. I loved how the rainbow slaw served as the perfect palate cleanser and cooler. You definitely needed that neutralizer between bites! My boyfriend had a few bites and he couldn’t get over how amazing this dish was! We also loved how all the beers paired very well with the food. We were impressed!




gypsy schnitzel


folk performers


Throughout the evening, we were treated to live entertainment and traditional folk dance performances. There was also an old country whip-cracking show. Now I had never seen this before but it was amazing to watch! Whip-cracking or “Aperschnalzen” as they call it, is a rhythmic sound with a thing called “Goaßl”. This is the end of the “Schnalze” (whip). The loud bang happens when you swing the “Goaßl” in one direction, then you change your movement very fast, that’s how you get the loud whip-cracking or a bang. It sounded like firecrackers!

Traditionally it has been thought that this tradition had a pagan meaning of “driving the winter away” by whip-cracking. It is a kind of sport and there are different styles. The three most famous ones are: the forehand slap (Vorhandschlag), the backhand slap (den Rückhandschlag) and the dubble-cracking (den Doppelschlag). It was fun and amazing to watch!




It was a very pleasant evening. Will you be attending any Oktoberfest events this year?

Ein Prosit!




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